MACRO to Supply V-22 Osprey’s Protection Panels
June 20, 2018
Norway abandons tank upgrade
June 22, 2018
Light at the End of KC-46 Tunnel

Boeing signed the first KC-46 Pegasus tanker delivery contract to the US Air Force (USAF). According to the agreement, the first aircraft will be delivered in October 2018. This agreement is the prodorm of the end of tough process, which began 16.5 years ago after the US Senate approved the decision to replace the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. The USAF expects the first 18 KC-46s to be delivered by April 2019. Boeing reported that 43 of the KC-46s were in different production phases and 34 of these were in the final stages. The first aircraft will be deployed at McConnell Air Base in Kansas after delivery.

USAF and Boeing are continuing to discuss the solutions to Category 1 problems currently in the KC-46. Problems such as the glare problem caused by the sunlight in the boom cam and the hose dissolution from the aircrafts drogue during refueling due to design problems.

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