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January 1, 2020
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January 3, 2020
Killmark on Belgian F-16

The killmark is a tradition in military aviation. These signs painted on the aircraft which won an air victory or successfully carried out combat bombing mission. This time, a killmark painted on F-16 with a little bit humour.

On October 11, 2018, technical personnel who carried out maintenance work on an F-16AM Fighting Falcon of the Belgian Air Component at the Florennes Air Base stationed in Florennes, accidentally fired the aircraft's gun. As a result of this incident, six barreled 20 mm M61 Vulcan gun, which is the barrelled weapon of the F-16 platforms, hit another Belgian F-16 parked on the opposite side. Aircraft was preparing for the flight and fueled. The FA-128 serial numbered F-16 exploded and burned as a result of an accident. Another F-16 next to the platform was slightly damaged by flames and fragmentation.

Belgian Air Component epigrammatized this accident. A killmark has been drawn on F-16AM Block 20MLU, which destroyed one friendly aircraft and damaged another. Thus, even though the platform did not win an air victory, it got the mark it deserved.

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