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September 8, 2018
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September 10, 2018
KC-46 Completed FAA Certification

Boeing has announced that the KC-46 aircraft has completed the FAA certification process. During the certification, the aircraft passed tests including a series of labs, ground and aerial refueling experiences. Prior to the first delivery planned in October, the FAA certification is an important milestone. During the tests, six different aircraft took 3,500 hours of flight. 1361 tons of fuel was transferred to different types of aircraft on these flights.

During the FAA certification process, the aircraft are subjected to two different testing processes and are being tested for certification. The challenging test process for the KC-46 Pegasus aircraft, which has completed the FAA Certification process, is not yet finished. KC-46 will start a ilitary Sertification Test proccess. A time schedule for aircraft to be taken into military type certification tests has not yet been made.

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