Increase on Anti-Aircraft Carrier Capabilities
June 14, 2020
Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Test
June 16, 2020
Kargu on Export Way

The use of loitering munition will change the balances in the battlefield. The systems, which are currently subjecting different studies for autonomous use are also taking place in the international market.

The Kargu loitering munition system developed by STM completed the tests carried out in tropical, desert and tundra climatic conditions. In this way, the platform, which is qualified for missions in many regions of the world, managed to attract the attention of other countries with its use in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. STM gave the good news that export negotiations with the three countries have matured and the signatures are close.

The production of Kargu, which has already received more than 500 orders for the use of the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement, is carried out at the company's campus in Ostim Technopark.

Kargu, which can make day-night autonomous target detection, can automatically adjust the optimum detonation distance according to the target type with the proximity fuse.

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