FNSS Sent Aid Packages
March 6, 2023
4th Military Radar and Border Security Summit Postponed
March 6, 2023
Kalaetron Attack Passes Tests

HENSOLDT proved for the first time the effectiveness of the “Kalaetron Attack” jamming system against air defence radars in extended flight tests.

The demonstrator system on the PC-12 test aircraft has proven that it can detect even new air defence radars in flight and interfere with them through precisely directed jamming signals.

Christoph Ruffner, Head of HENSOLDT’s Spectrum Domination and Airborne Solutions Division, said: “Disabling enemy air defence radars is a fundamental prerequisite for the deployment of our own air force on the modern battlefield. Our flight tests have proven that the Kalaetron Attack can combat ground-based threats to the air force and protect aircrew.”

In flight tests carried out after laboratory and ground tests, the effectiveness of the “Airborne Electronic Attack” (AEA) mission has been extensively proven. During verification flights from Augsburg airport, increasingly complex tests were conducted against various radars. These flights demonstrated the effectiveness of the technologies used, as well as the use of multiple target engagement and various mixing techniques.

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