February 29, 2020
Last Hobart Received by Australia
March 2, 2020
Japan Tests New Anti-Ship Missile

In parallel with the increasing numbers of high tonnage sea platforms rapidly in the region, Japan continues its efforts to diversify the precautions.

Against the growing Russian and Chinese movements in the Pacific and the Sea of Japan, Japan has started to studies for increasing its long range guided projectile capability. ATLA, the acquisition, technology and logistics agency of the Ministry of Defence, confirmed its studies.

It was stated that the new systems were developed to be used in P-1 maritime patrol aircraft in the inventory of the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force. The new system, which is stated to be a successor of the Type 91 guided projectiles currently used in the P-1 and P-3 Orion aircraft, developed on the surface launched model of the Type 12 missiles. It is stated that eight projectiles can be carried in a P-1; guidance sensitivity of the systems, which will be equipped with GPS and INS navigation system, will be higher than Type 12. Basically, it is aimed that the new projectile, which is thought to be a longer-range model, can reach the targets within 400 kilometers.

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