First Export Customer for Lockheed’s Radar
June 6, 2017
‘Advanced Hawk’ Takes To The Skies
June 8, 2017
Israeli Involvement in JSF Expands

In addition to producing F-35 wings, Israel deepened its involvement in F-35 JSF programme with development of cockpit display units of the aircraft. The American subsidiary of Israel’s Elbit Systems company, Elbit Systems of America, LLC, has been awarded a contract to develop a cockpit display replacement for the F-35 aircraft. Elbit Systems of America has already been involved in F-35 programme, carrying out power amplifiers, structures, and sustainment work.The company also supplies the F-35 Helmet Mounted Display System through their joint venture Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems (RCEVS). 

The company offers a range of displays to enhance the pilot’s situation awareness and mission effectiveness, such as configurable, smart and lightweight displays with intuitive user interface and HD touch screen, full night vision capabilities, virtual embedded training solutions. 

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