Korea Retires Black Hawks
October 12, 2020
Alteration in S-400 NOTAM
October 14, 2020
Israel Wants to Work with U.S. for Defence Cooperation

Israel is considering cooperating with the Pentagon to improve the defence use of directed energy capabilities. “We need to overcome some classification issues, some policy issues, and hopefully we can enlarge those capabilities together as well,” the officials said.

There are many defence projects being carried out between the United States and Israel. Rafael and Raytheon are cooperating. Israeli Aerospace Industries and Boeing are also continuing their collaborations.

Israel, in a 10-year agreement, thinks that working together on technology can create a suitable basis for both sides and that it may be possible to shift some of the annual money to condensed electromagnetic energy programs.

“Since both the United States and Israel are in the early stages of developing this capability, there will be clear advantages to partnering,” said Israel, which is also considering a partnership with the United States for hypersonic missile studies.

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