US’ Mark VI Patrol Boats at Black Sea
June 17, 2020
New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle for Turkey
June 19, 2020
Iran’s “New” Cruise Missile

Today Iran launched ,allegedly new, cruise missiles in the north of the Indian Ocean and the Oman Sea area. The ammunition was developed under the leadership of the Iranian Defence Ministry. The missile is alleged to be a next-generation Qader missile.

As part of a naval exercise called “Martyrs of Ramadan”, the missiles destroyed targets from a distance of 280 kilometres.

During the shooting training in the Persian Gulf in May, Iran hit its own platform. The first exercise after the incident, in which several personnel lost their lives, was decided to be called “Martyrs of Ramadan”. The Iranian Navy said new war heads were being used for today's exercise.

The Qader cruise missile, developed locally by Iran and has a range of 300 kilometers, was first unveiled in 2014. 

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