US Threatens India Over S-400 Deal
August 30, 2018
FN to provide Light Machine Guns for US Special Ops Command
September 3, 2018
Indonesia Confirms Plan to Buy C-130 Planes

Indonesia has confirmed a plan to buy Hercules C-130 planes and other transport planes from the United States to support the development of its defence architecture.

“In future, Indonesia plans to buy several primary weaponry systems, including Hercules C-130 planes, and other heavy-duty transport planes from the US,” Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu said.

The former army chief of staff added that Indonesia aimed to not only be able to meet its primary weaponry systems but also to sell them to friendly countries.

In March 2017, Airbus signed a signed a letter of intent with Indonesia for possible purchase of the A400M transport aircraft.

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