Asia-Pacific Attack from Israel
February 19, 2020
BAE’s Solar Powered UAV Makes First Flight
February 21, 2020
Indigenous Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkey

Indigenous guidance kits, which are frequently using in counter-terrorism operations, continues to consolidate its position in the Turkish Armed Forces.

The Turkish Armed Forces has taken delivery of indigenous guidance kits. Turkish defence acquisition agency, Presidency of Defence Industries made a statement about deliveries from official social media accounts with “The new deliveries of our Indigenous Guidance Kits have been completed. We will continue working tirelessly to make our heroic army stronger on the field” announcement. While the information about which products were delivered was not included in the announcement, the video, which published with announcement includes HGK (Hassas Güdüm Kiti / Precision Guidance Kit), KGK (Kanatlı Güdüm Kiti / Winged Guidance Kit), LGK (Lazer Güdüm Kiti / Laser Guidance Kit) and TEBER products.

Guidance kits developed with domestic facilities were developed in order to equip NATO standard free fall conventional ammunition. These kits, which are mounted on bombs called “Mark” series, provide the Turkish Air Force with a high precision strike capability from a long range.

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