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June 24, 2020
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June 26, 2020
Increase in Defence Budget

COVID-19, which has been influencing the world for months, caused many countries to take economic measures. As one of the measure items, some states announced that the cut in defence budgets.

While many countries are on their way to reducing their military spending in the context of epidemic measures, there was opposite news from Indonesia. If the budget proposal submitted to the Indonesian Parliament is approved, the Jakarta administration will have a USD 10.6 billion defence budget for 2021. In this case, the amount of money allocated by the country for military spending will increase by 21% compared to 2020, reaching a record level for Indonesia. While the defence budget planned for this year was 9,272 billion USD, it was announced that this amount was reduced to 8,663 billion USD last April due to the epidemic.

Nail Kurt, CEO and General Manager of FNSS, recently met with the defence media's leading media organizations and answered questions. Indicating that an extremely efficient program was carried out with Indonesia in the Kaplan MT medium tank project, Kurt signalled that the business volume with the country could expand. Nail Kurt stated that as a result of contacts with Jakarta, the company's business volume with Malaysia could be caught and even surpassed.

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