F-35 Price Falls 6 Percent to Below $90 Million
July 20, 2018
Iran to produce 800 MBT
July 22, 2018
Hungary to Procure Mortar

Hungary has decided to change the mortars. Hungarian National Defence Ministry opened an 81 millimeter mortar and round procurement tender in this context. Hungary, which wants to replace 50 Soviet-produced 82 mm BM-37 mortars in its inventory with new generation systems, has set 40 mortars with additional 20 options. 24 fire control systems along with mortars and necessary logistic package are among the requests. Hungary also will procure with 36 classroom cutaway training munitions, 28,000 high explosive (HE), 7,500 illumination, 2,500 smoke, 400 training, 120 exercise munitions.

82mm BM-37 mortars were developed in the Soviet Union and these mortars can send 3 kilograms of ammunition to 3,000 meters.

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