Ka-52K Completed First Phase
May 3, 2017
New 4×4 by NUROL, IDEF’17
May 5, 2017
Human Security Radar by Turkish AKBA, IDEF’17

Turkish AKBA Technology and Defence, which provides solutions to the public and private sector companies in security and defence fields, has been working with Apstec Systems to bring the scanning and detection solution “Human Security Radar”, to Turkey. The system will be presented by live demonstrations for the first time at IDEF'17 International Defence Industry Fair, which will take place from May 9th to 12th.

Having been in development since 2003, the Human Security Radar provides the latest technology with the ability to significantly increase the safety of unprotected crowded areas. With its ability to scan over 10 thousand people per hour, the radar will increase security of vulnarable, crowded areas against terrorist attacks.

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