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October 8, 2020
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October 10, 2020
H&K Lost at home due to Price Tag


German armed forces Bundeswehr selected C.G. Haenel’s MK556 to replace Heckler & Koch’s G36 rifle. The total deal is around 245 million euros to acquire some 120,000 new firearms.

A new report from offers detail from a classified procurement report on the trials. The report suggests that Haenel bid around 152 million Euros (including 19% VAT) for the initial delivery of 18,700 rifles. While Heckler & Koch offered their rifle for 179 million Euros – this gives a difference between the two bids of just 27 million Euros.

According to publication, the selection was decided on price with the report stating that “the main criterion is the lower price with a technically comparable performance”. This means that the rifles from both companies performed similarly well.

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