Scud Claim by Israel
August 18, 2017
First ‘Mi-28UB’ Ready For Delivery
August 22, 2017
HAVELSAN’s Simulator Completed Acceptance Tests

HAVELSAN announced that the AW139 Helicopter Simulator Integrated Training Center Project, developed for Qatar Air Force under the contract signed in 2013, has successfully completed field acceptance tests carried out in Qatar. Within the scope of the project, the company has delivered a complete mission simulator, flight and navigation procedure trainer, cabin crew training simulator, debriefing system and tactical control center for Qatar. Having explained the warranty period of the project was thereby commenced, HAVELSAN stated that all the maintenance and operation services will be provided by Turkish technicians for 3 years.

Qatar Air Force pilots will conduct AW139 trainings via HAVELSAN simulators and systems as part of the established training center. The center, which cost about $40 million, will provide training for a thousand pilots a year.

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