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October 20, 2020
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October 22, 2020
Havelsan is in top fifth on R&D

HAVELSAN, based on 2019 data prepared following R & D 250 survey results, was Turkey's top R & D spending the fifth company.

According to the research of Turkish Time magazine, HAVELSAN increased its R&D expenditures by approximately 52 per cent in 2019 compared to 2018. HAVELSAN, which ranked 9th in the list by making 302 million 391 thousand 497 TL R&D expenditure in 2018, rose four places in 2019 with 458 million 482 thousand 341 TL expenditure and ranked fifth in the list.


HAVELSAN has also achieved a significant increase in the number of R&D personnel. The number of R&D personnel, which was 1015 in 2018, increased by approximately 30 per cent in 2019 to 1313.


HAVELSAN also ranked third after ASELSAN and TUSAŞ in the number of License and Post-Graduate Personnel Working in the R&D Centre.


The number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate personnel, which was 1248, made up 95 per cent of the total number of R&D personnel.


HAVELSAN ranked fifth in female employment in R&D with 320 women. The female staff employment rate was around 24 per cent according to the total number of R&D personnel.


R & D Centre received the assessment made by the Brand Number HAVELSAN was fifth with 31 brands in Turkey.


HAVELSAN increased the share of R&D expenditure from the total turnover, which was 22 per cent in 2018, to 23.5 per cent in 2019.


HAVELSAN increased the number of R&D projects from 73 in 2018 to 88 in 2019 and ranked 12th.

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