Commissioning in Spearfish Modernization Will Take Place Soon
September 16, 2020
US Navy Plans to invest on Unmanned Ships
September 18, 2020
Greece Sends Warships Off Libya

The HS Limnos (F 451) frigate of the Greek Navy will join the MED IRINI operation, which the European Union (EU) has launched to support an arms embargo on Libya.

In April 2020, the EU adopted the decision to launch operation MED IRINI of the EU Mediterranean Naval Force in the Mediterranean under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

As part of the operation, inspections are being carried out on ships suspected of carrying weapons, ammunition and military equipment off the coast of Libya, Libya or Libya.

HS Limnos harassed the MTA Oruç Reis ship in August 2020, conducting seismic research in the Eastern Mediterranean; The TCG Kemal Reis frigate prevented this tension.

“IRINI operation is a biased operation. Germany is the host of the Berlin Conference. Therefore, Germany needs to be impartial and objective. So, when he's involved in a biased operation, he loses his impartiality. Therefore, the legitimacy of the Berlin Conference is eliminated. Here, under pressure from France, Germany sent ships. We don't think they're very volunteering either.” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, regarding Operation IRINI.

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