SSB Presented MUKAS
October 10, 2020
US approved Super Hornet and F-35 sales to Finland
October 12, 2020
Greece and Egypt Deal Get Approval from Sisi

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and his Egyptian counterpart Samih Sukri announced in Cairo in August 2020 that they had signed an exclusive economic zone agreement.

Egyptian President Abdulfettah al-Sisi ratified the agreement two months later, limiting his jurisdiction in the Mediterranean. The country's state agency, MENA, said the agreement was published in the official newspaper under the signature of President Sissi.

Turkey reacted to the agreement, which said it would allow the two countries to make maximum use of existing resources, particularly in the exclusive economic region, which promises oil and gas reserves. “The agreement to limit the so-called maritime jurisdictions announced as signed is not in the provision for Turkey,” statement came from Ankara.



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