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FNSS Will Open Factory Level Repair Center in Oman

The Ministry of Finance of the Sultanate of Oman and FNSS signed an Oman Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center Deal.

FNSS will design and build the center within the scope of the project.

The supply of all the necessary machines and equipment and their commissioning within the facility will be provided by FNSS.

FNSS will also be responsible for creating an extended infrastructure for the facility’s additional needs.

With the start of the operation, Royal Oman Army personnel will be trained to operate the center, which will be located in Oman.

Technical and executive knowledge will transfer to Oman Army for supervision, consultant service, vehicle maintenance and repair.

In this context, FNSS will provide PARS III Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Technical Documents; and prepare Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Interactive Electronics Manuals (IETM) for user training.

Within the scope of the project, it is also aimed to develop the capabilities of Oman companies in the field of defence industry for spare parts.

An Armored Personnel Carrier (PARS III) and Integrated Logistics Support supply contract were signed between FNSS and the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Defence on September 20, 2015. The FNSS Industry Participation and Offset obligations were accepted.

In 2020, FNSS delivered 172 PARS III 6×6 and 8×8 units in 13 different configurations to the Royal Oman Army and also provided the Integrated Logistics Support capabilities needed for the vehicles to function properly.

To better these capabilities, a mutual agreement was reached to provide “Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center” with the Oman Royal Army within the scope of Industry Participation and Offset. The signatures were signed on the 3rd of July.

With the knowledge and technology transfer that FNSS has provided overseas for the last 30 years, “Oman Factory Level Maintenance and Repair Center” will give future modernization needs to the Oman Royal Army.

While gaining a full-fledged center with the capability to expand, the PARS III vehicles delivered will be used more effectively and as deterrents on the battlefield throughout their cycle.

With this project, FNSS will also contribute to supporting and developing the national industry of Oman, creating training and employment opportunities.

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