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March 28, 2019
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March 30, 2019
‘Flying AK-47’ from Russia

Russia's Moscow Aviation Institute has presented an unnamed drone with AK-47 on board that can shoot ammunition to take down rogue drones. The newly presented machine flies like an airplane, takes off and lands like a helicopter.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube, the drone starts at an uncommon vertical upwards-looking position.

The drone is powered by two propellers installed on its rear, larger, wings, which also allow the drone to manoeuvre. A couple of smaller wings are installed at the front of the vehicle.


During the course of the video, the drone is seen destroying an immobile aerial target (a balloon), then switching to a mobile target, represented by an RC airplane.

After successful destruction of the second target, the drone promptly lands in the same upwards-facing position. The vertical landing method is beneficial in that the drone does not need a prepared runway.

According to Mizokami, the drone has been developed by the Student Design Bureau of Aviation Modelling at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) on behalf of Almaz-Antey, Russian tech company.

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