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June 17, 2020
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June 19, 2020
Flood-Damaged F-16s Returned

F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, which is one of the most successful fighters in history, continue their duties in the inventory of many countries.

The Israeli Air Force (Heyl Ha'Avir) had a flood disaster last January at the Hatzor Air Base. Eight F-16 C/D Block 40 Baraks of the 101st “First Fighter Squadron” and 105th “Scorpion Squadron” based in the air force base were reported to have been heavily damaged in the incident. In the published images, it was seen that the parked aircraft in the open hangar was flooded to the engine level.

The Israeli Air Force Air Maintenance Unit (AMU) has completed the repairs of all damaged aircraft. Within the scope of the activities carried out in Hatzor and Tel Nof Air Bases, the 101st “First Fighter Squadron” affiliated F-16C-40-CF Barak, serial number 542, also returned to active duty. Israel stated that the most complex maintenance process carried out to date has been carried out for the platform, which is stated to be one of the most heavily damaged aircraft in the flood,

In the two-phase maintenance operation, which lasted for five months, the light damaged aircraft was repaired in Hatzor in the first place and returned to mission. In the second phase, the platforms requiring more extensive maintenance and repair were subjected to necessary procedures at the Air Maintenance Unit headquarters located in Tel Nof and took skies.

Flooding causes serious damage to the electrical and mechanical equipment of the aircraft. The water, which contains all harmful factors in the environment, damages the metal components and causes corrosion. In such repairs, the start of corrosion is intercepted by carrying out control and detailed cleaning activities in aircraft first.

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