Estonia Strengthens Coastal Defences Against Russia
October 2, 2020
Estonia and Netherlands to procure THeMIS
October 4, 2020
First RC-2 In Japan Inventory

Japan's first RC-2 modern reconnaissance aircraft developed through the C-2 transport aircraft has been accepted into inventory. After years of testing, the Japan Air Self-Defence Forces launched the first RC-2 reconnaissance aircraft developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). Designed for the execution of electronic intelligence (ELINT) and long-range, long-lasting reconnaissance missions, the aircraft made its first flight in 2018. The RC-2 will replace the YS-11EB turboprop ELINT aircraft, which currently serves in the Japan Air Self-Defence Forces.

The C-2 transport plane was integrated with a radio wave measuring device developed by Toshiba.

In a possible electronic battle, the RC-2 will detect and scramble the frequencies of radio waves from enemy elements, disrupting these signals.

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