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July 23, 2018
SNC Submits Final Bid To Replace USAF UH-1N Huey Fleet
July 25, 2018
First Operational Use Of Israel’s David’s Sling System

Israel’s David’s Sling anti-ballistic missile system made its combat debut on Jul. 23 when two interceptors were fired when a pair of Syrian OTR-21 (NATO: SS-21) ballistic missiles were detected approaching Israel’s border.

Israel has used its David's Sling missile-defence system for the first time in battle, firing at two Syrian surface-to-surface missiles Monday morning, the military said.

One of the interceptor was ordered to self-destruct after it was determined that both SS-21s were to land inside Syrian territory. Israel also launched an interceptor missile at the second Syrian rocket, but it is unclear if it hit its target.

David's Sling, also known as Magic Wand, was declared operational last year. It was developed by Israeli state-owned Rafael Advanced Defence Systems in cooperation with U.S. defence contractor Raytheon.

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