February 13, 2020
Syrian War as an example of “GENOCIDE”…
February 15, 2020
First End-to-End Firing MBDA Marte-ER

MBDA, which continues to expand the air-to-surface missile family, recently conducted a test launch.

The first end-to-end system launch was carried out by MARTE-ER, which can be defined as the third generation of MARTE missile family which are among the products of the company. Within the scope of the activity, which was stated to be the second test launch of the missile, there was also an integrated navigation system, proximity fly-over fuze, gun control and actuator systems. MARTE-ER, which was launched from a range of 100 kilometres and also tried to avoid manoeuvres by sea-skimming flight, hit the target which was placed on a floating platform on the sea.

MARTE-ER's predecessor MARTE MK2 / S, which is planned to be integrated into Eurofighter Typhoons, is that it uses a turbojet engine instead of a solid fuel rocket motor. The missile, weighs 315 kilograms, can reach 100 km range at subsonic speeds.

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