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March 9, 2020
Indonesia to Modernise Frigate
March 11, 2020
F-35I Adir Become Testbed

F-35 Lightning II, the fifth generation fighter-bomber aircraft can not be configured in line with user requirements due to restrictions. However, there are some exceptions in this case.

The F-35I Adirs, the only customized F-35 according to the user country requirements, will be used as test aircraft. In an image released recently, it was seen that the first platform configured as a testbed meets the sky. The platform with telemetry markings on it will be used by the Israeli Air Force's Flight Test Center, called MANAT. Unlike the F-35I Adirs, the platform is thought to have open architecture software. In this way, Israel will be able to carry out software and hardware tests as well as domestic production air-to-air and air-to-surface weapon systems. The trials in question constitute the steps to open the door to F-35I Adirs for reaching more advanced abilities and becoming more special platforms.

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