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December 1, 2021
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January 7, 2022
Everyone Is Now Known With ASELSAN Collar Camera

Produced by ASELSAN for the gendarmerie teams, the EKS-2WX collar camera has brought a new era to law enforcement in identification, thanks to software enhanced with the support of artificial intelligence technologies and big data analysis.

This collar camera is used in security applications such as in-vehicle face detection, license plate recognition system, using a server that stores data from all security forces around the Turkey.

The collar camera, which was first used in Ankara’s Gölbaşı district and then in Hakkari, Şırnak, Bitlis and Siirt, is planned to be a part of the security practices of the gendarmerie in all provinces by 2023.

Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Serkan Arsoy said that the collar camera has been in use for a year.

Stating that they are continuing their efforts to make the collar camera available in all provinces, Arsoy said, “The Gendarmerie personnel wear the camera on their collar and perform face recognition, person scanning and fake identity inquiries at road checkpoints. In addition, identity inquiries are made quickly by ensuring public order and security without making our citizens wait.”

Stating that the collar camera greatly alleviates the work of the gendarmerie and that it is very easy to use, Arsoy said, “Instead of collecting ID on a bus, we make a quick identity check by looking at the person’s face. It helps us to ensure public order and security more quickly, without making the citizens wait.”

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