Locally-built Peruvian LPD Passed Initial Trials
May 10, 2018
Type 001A Headed Out for Sea Trials
May 14, 2018
Eurasia Airshow: OK or Over?

In an environment, where many participating companies and people wondered about the future of this exhibition, we set our prority to clarify the issue.

The success of an exhibition is calculated with the opportunities of cooperation offered to its participants. Questions referring to the names and numbers of companies opening stands and pavilions and to the details of high level participants, provide a general picture. Past performance of the event as well as the level of organisation also helps us draw conclusions.

Eurasia Airshow was attended by less companies, countries and delegations than expected. Foreign delegations were composed of local representatives, specifically attaches. High-ranking politicians were non-existent at the exhibition. On the other hand, we should not miss some conjunctural factors. 

The classical problem of “wait-and-see”, experienced in all first events, also appeared in this case. In addition, the aviation exhibition ILA Berlin rearranged its schedule to create time conflict with the Eurasia Airshow. For a relatively long time, Turkey has been enduring hard times in the international arena. Furthermore, the decision for early elections to take place on June 24 was perhaps the fundamental element sabotaging exhibition.

Still, not everything was negative. Positive aspects included high volume trade between Russia and Iran, room for manoeuvre enjoyed by Leonardo and Antonov thanks to Airbus’ preference for Berlin and the choice of Antalya with its suitable location and mild weather.

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