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June 10, 2020
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June 12, 2020
Eastern Mediterranean Investment yo Hellenic Navy

Despite economic problems, Greece continues its armament programs. Greek parliament approved several projects on May 2. Thus, Athens decided to add new ones to existing processes.

Greece, which makes unilateral claims in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and sometimes does not hesitate from dangerous convergence, continues its investments in weapon systems. At the parliamentary meeting held in Athens on 2 May, it was decided to expand the processes in question. In this context, some modernization and procurement activities will be carried out to increase the effectiveness of the Greek Navy.

In the first place, four MH-60R Sea Hawk procurement was approved within the scope of the Hellenic Navy's ship-based naval helicopter requirement. According to the FMS approval issued by the USA in the previous period, Athens has three additional helicopter options.

Hydra-class frigates serving in the Hellenic Navy inventory will be partially modernized. In this context, capabilities of the platforms will be upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the modern battlefield. In line with the modernization activities, the combat management system of the frigates, the internal communications equipment and navigation radar will be replaced. Radar equipment used in ships, which are also known as MEKO 200HN class, will be replaced by modern 3D systems. Two 20 or 30 mm remote-controlled weapons systems (UKSS) will be integrated into the platforms to be equipped with laser warning systems, while Link 16 systems will be replaced by Link 22s. Athens has not already set up a main contractor for the activities.

UGM-84 Sub-Harpoon anti-ship missiles will be integrated into Type 214 class AIP propulsion submarines. They are also operating under the Papanikolis class name. Within the scope of the activities including the necessary fire control system and the integration of sub-equipment, Hellenic Navy submarines will gain long-range engagement capability to surface ships.

It was decided to deliver the Super Vita class fast attack crafts, which started to initial sea tests last year, but have not yet been delivered to the user. Hellenic Navy requested these boats immediately. Due to increasing tensions with Turkey in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, Athens has set a relatively short period for delivery in six and seventh Super Vitas. If the platforms are not delivered to the Hellenic Navy until the specified date, the construction and integration activities will be completed by naval facilities by Hellenic Navy and the boats will become operational immediately.

The decree does not contain any information about two frigates, which is planned to procure from France.

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