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May 3, 2020
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May 5, 2020
Domestic SeaEye-Ahtapot for MILGEM

The Turkish Armed Forces equipping new domestic production systems. Turkish defence industry product range continues to grow day by day.

The factory acceptance tests of the first two systems of the DenizGözü-Octopus mass production line, developed within the scope of the electro-optic imager system requirements of the Naval Forces Command, have been completed. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the factory tests of the platforms were completed. The first two prototypes of SeaEye-Ahtapot, which started design activities in line with the needs of the Navy, are currently being used actively in the third and fourth platforms of MilGem, TCG Burgazada (F 513) and TCG Kınalıada (F 514) corvettes.

DenizGözü-Ahtapot, which is stated to be used in TCG Anadolu (L 400), has been designed entirely for the use of ships. Developed to replace the predecessor ASELFLIR-300D, the system stands out with its features such as wider angle view and higher resolution. Offering the opportunity to measure distance via laser rangefinder within 20 km, Ahtapot provides the use of different imagers such as thermal cameras, TV cameras and spotter cameras. The system, which has features such as automatic target detection and image optimization in the thermal camera, has the possibility of effective use even in the hard sea environment thanks to its sensitive stabilization system.

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