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May 30, 2020
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June 1, 2020
Domestic Holografic Sight and Flip-Up Magnifier to Domestic Rifle

The Turkish Armed Forces continues its efforts for a more modern and capable structure by modernizing its inventory of domestic weapons and equipment.

As part of the efforts to equip the armed forces with domestic and modern equipment, Fotoniks delivered holographic sight and 3x flip-up magnifier to the PResidency of Defence Industries. The Presidency announced the news from its official social media accounts with “The deliveries of holographic sight and 3x magnifier optics produced by the Fotoniks company continue to our security forces.

-Day and night

-Superior and fast aiming

-Both Eyes open shooting capability

-Compatible with MPT-76 and 5.56 mm infantry rifles ” description.

In holographic equipment, the sight image is created as a hologram using laser beams. In the equipment, which is deployed with different methods on the weapon, the user can make accurate shots with the image of different colours and types in the device window. Thanks to the system, the staff can aim with two eyes open. The optics in question make it possible to make fast, rapid and accurate shots without any parallax error in any light condition. One of the most important features of holographic sights is that it can be mounted on any infantry rifle with simple modifications and that the iron sight hardware does not affect the use. Magnifier optics facilitate engagement in the target by magnifying the image of the target at relatively long ranges when necessary. The optics, which can be removed from the ling-of sight with a flip-up mechanism in unnecessary situations, can be placed and used on the line in milliseconds whenever necessary.

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