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May 6, 2020
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May 8, 2020
Different Roadmap for Air Defence Systems

President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir answered questions of Turkey's leading defence magazines via domestic video conferencing system. Answering the questions of C4Defence, Demir made important statements about the Turkish defence sector's agenda.

Turkey's air defence systems procurement roadmap has changed. In the light of recent experience from the field when planning the acquisition of equal quantities Hisar-A and Hisar-O, Prof. Dr. Demir stated that according to the need is on the medium-altitude air defence system. he announced that the procurement rates will be shifted to Hisar-O, whose deliveries have already begun during the procurement process.

In the Hisar-U process, which is also known as the Siper (Trench), it was stated that the studies are continuing, and it was underlined that the experiences obtained in Hisar A and O projects will be transferred here. The development process for longer range radar and stronger electronic subcomponents continues.

Professor Dr. Demir also gave the good news that the deliveries are close in the PORSAV (Prtatif Savunma / Portable Defense) Project, which was launched as part of the need for man-portable air defence missile requirement.

You can watch the full stream from our C4Defence TV Youtube account.

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