Locally-built Peruvian LPD Passed Initial Trials
May 10, 2018
Type 001A Headed Out for Sea Trials
May 14, 2018
Decision Time for Malaysian Defence

On account of uncertainties surrounding the upcoming general elections in Malaysia in May, the DSA 2018 entered its 30th year with modest participation at company level, yet broad participation in terms of governmental representatives, military staff and delegations. Perhaps the Fair failed to generate answers to many of Malaysia’s defence requirements. Nevertheless, the message was clear as to Turkey’s being one of the most important suppliers in the region.

Enjoying the world’s most significant resources of agricultural and industrial raw materials, Malaysia has recently employed a new strategy for the purpose of freeing its economy by breaking foreign dependency on these materials in an attempt to create a room for manoeuvre for itself. Accordingly, high-tech, value-added new industrial and service sectors will be the main focus. On the other hand, in a troublesome economic environment beset by political uncertainties, export of raw materials comprising the country’s natural livelihood like iron, copper, petroleum and palm will be subject to barter. Undoubtedly, this strategy is also expected to contribute to the defence industry. Malaysia has had to establish a new unit within the Armed Forces particularly to stem the tide of conflicts in Sabah region. The country is also in urgent need of various land, air and naval elements. Thus, for Malaysia, this issue assumes utmost importance as a systemic chaos in the framework of both financial and new economic strategies. Indeed, the fact that deliveries scheduled for 2018 in the AV8 Program conducted with FNSS have been rescheduled by Malaysian authorities to 2020, indicates a major clash between strategies and priorities.

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