Budget Delay to Submarine
November 8, 2018
OCCAR Formally Invited Airbus To Lead European MALE RPAS Project
November 11, 2018
Dassault Shock to Canada

An unexpected news came from Canada's ongoing fighter jet tender. Dassault who joined the competition with Rafale fighter jet, announced its withdrawal from the competition.

Canada plans to procure a total of 88 fighter in the ongoing tender. The tender, which is expected to cost US $ 12.2 billion, has not yet come up with an official announcement. However, the reasons for the decision talks in the back stages are that interoperability and intelligence sharing requirements cannot be met. It is also said that the company that reviews the request for proposals is difficult to meet Canadian demands and the need to share some of the information with the United States is the most difficult point.

The Canadian Public Service and Procurement Office said that there is no intention to withdraw from any supplier until the last moment. Studies will continue with the remaining participants and that the partners are free to make the decisions they would. 

Bids will be proposed at May, 2019 for the competition.

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