Corona Epidemic at Navy
March 13, 2020
Russian Navy to Track Black Sea with Ka-31P
March 15, 2020
Cost-Effective Solution for PLA: Suicide Drones

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will add two different loitering munitions, also known as suicide drones, to its inventory, which will offer various capabilities to troops. No further details were given about the procurement, including the specifics on the weapons' performance or number to be purchased, as the procurement is listed as confidential.

After taking off, suicide drones can remain in the air for an extended period of time for battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance like a drone, but after locating a target, it can launch a suicide attack like a missile. Speaking on the subject, an expert stated that loitering munitions are cost-effective compared to reconnaissance aircraft.

Chinese arms companies have already developed many types of suicide drones, including the CH-901 and WS-43

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