Taiwan’s Cruise Missile Response to China
September 23, 2020
New Russian BMP-3 Manul IFV unveiled at Army-2020
September 25, 2020
China’s New Drone

China introduces the new variant of the Z-5 rotary wing UAV at the 6th Military Technology Fair. Nanjing Research Institute on Simulation Technique (NRIST), a manufacturer for the unmanned helicopter named Z-5 B/H, explained that “it performs many functions such as three-dimensional control, automatic take-off and landing, online mission plan”.

The Z-5 rotary wing drone was first introduced in September 2011, but no definitive information about the platform was available in the sources.

According to NRIST, the Z-5 has several different variables. It is assessed that the Z-5 can be used in field surveillance operations, while the Z-5 B/H can be operationally involved in intelligence missions.

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