UGV to the British Army
October 2, 2018
Second Round of Amphibious Tests
October 4, 2018
China to Search Submarine from Space

China decided to combine its progress in satellite and underwater observation technologies. The Beijing administration, which has been conducting researches on the underwater technology and satellite for some time and has been transferring serious resources to these activities, has taken action to use its accumulation in such fields and has started to work for the detection of satellite and submarine. The first studies in Pilot National Marine Science and Technology Laboratory, located in Shandong District, were launched Works on project in May. In addition, 20 institutes and universities throughout the country also participated in the development studies of the satellite was announced.

If the studies are successful, submarine detection will be possible with the laser beam directed from the satellite. System is planned to focused scan of one square kilometre area, wide scan of 100 square km areas even the submarines of 500 meters’ depth is intended to detect. Researchers intends a combination of different payload usage to achieve this capability. The most powerful laser device currently used in underwater scans can be effective at a depth of 200 meters.

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