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July 8, 2018
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July 10, 2018
China Increased Production Rate

China is increasing the production volume of its Y-20 transport aircraft. The image captured by a commercial satellite on July 12 revealed that the production rate of the aircraft has rised. In addition to the nine newly produced Y-20s, six newly painted Y-20s and several engine-assembled yet unfinished Y-20s appear in photo. According to some reports, some of these flights will be converted into AEW aircraft and some will be converted into aerial refueling aircraft.

In July 2016, the Y-20 was deployed at the PLAAF's (People's Liberation Army Air Force) Qionglai Air Base in the Sichuan Region. In another satellite photo captured in December 2017, three additional Y-20 Kunpeng were detected.

Xian production Y-20 Kunpeng, is 47 meters long. The plane with wingspan of 49.5 meters has a maximum take-off weight of 220,000 kilograms and can reach up to 7800 kilometers range. Powered by four 122 kN Xian WS-18 turbofan engines, the platform can carry 66,000 kilograms of payload.

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