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November 21, 2022
Iran Announces Developing Hypersonic Missile
November 21, 2022
China Displays Hypersonic Missile at Zhuhai Airshow 2022

As previously discussed in C4 Defence publications, hypersonic missile system technologies are advancing rapidly in the world. A new one has been added to these systems, and at the International Aviation and Space Exhibition held in Zhuhai, China on 8-13th November, air-launched versions of the ship-based hypersonic missile and a standoff cruise missile were introduced.

A pair of air-launched hypersonic missiles carried under the wings of the Xi’an H-6K bombardment airplane took part in the demonstration, which began on Tuesday and will last until 13th November. The mock-ups bore the “2PZD-21” template. Chinese media stated that these missiles are air-launched versions of China’s YJ-21 anti-ship hypersonic missile carried on Type 055 cruisers.

Another important system exhibited at the fair held at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport was the AKF-98 standoff cruise missile. It is fitted to the Xi’an JH-7A2 fighter-bombing aircraft and has foldable wings that open after launch.

It is not known whether the systems are already in service or still in development, but the fact that the H-6K at the air show flew to the airport carrying the missile mock-ups indicates that the transport tests have been completed.

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