Australia To Equip Future Frigates With Aegis
October 3, 2017
$2 Million Modification for T-38C
October 6, 2017
Cheap Israeli Solution for Subs

Pasific 17 defense fair held in Australia presents new solutions to users especially in maritime area. Israel's Rafael company has introduced a low-cost solution to the communication problems of submarines with a system called FloatLink. Using the company's solution, the submarine can communicate with the surface level without rising to the periscope level. The system comes in three versions; one which floats to the surface and transmits a pre-recorded message, one which allows two-way communications by a fibre-optic cable and a third which allows acoustic communications.The firm claims that FloatLink would be the solution for the major dilemma of a submarine commander deciding if and when to surface to communicate. The Israeli Navy is already using the system. In case of unauthorized contact, the system becomes unusable as it’s programmed to self-purge data and fry all electronics. 

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