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November 7, 2022
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November 7, 2022

CANİK, one of Turkey’s leading arms manufacturers, exhibited its VENOM LR-30 tambour-gun at the SAHA EXPO fair held on 25-28th October.

At the fair where the leading brands of the defense industry exhibited their products, CANIK ARMS brought its products together with the visitors. The 30×113 mm gun named VENOM LR-30 was among the products exhibited for the first time and in the focus of the visitors at the stand, where visitors showed great interest.

Samsun Homeland Defense Industry Incorporated Company Corporate Communications, Business Development and Brand Management Manager Gençay adverted information about the products and stated the following words about the VENOM LR-30 gun: “The VENOM LR-30 is a medium caliber cannon with a tambour-gun mechanism. It uses 30×113 mm ammunition. The VENOM LR-30’s two most important features are reduced recoil and adjustable rate of fire. The VENOM LR-30 is the most platform-integratable 30 mm gun in the world thanks to its reduced recoil power. In addition, with its adjustable firing rate, which is another feature, you can integrate it into air vehicles or land and sea vehicles in the determined concepts. As we can adjust the rate of fire from 300 to 1200, we can use the ammunition variety from armor-piercing bullets to explosive bullets.”

At the stand visited by many exhibitors and industry professionals, CANIK also featured the Trakon 30 Tower, CANİK M2 QCB, CANİK M2F and many other weapon systems.

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