US Defence Bill Cuts JSTARS
July 26, 2018
Israel Poised to make $11 Billion Aircraft Deal with Boeing
July 28, 2018
Bulgaria Didn’t Invite Greece to Tender

Bulgarian Ministry of Defence issued a draft of the Request for Proposal (RfP). According to the draft, Bulgaria will supply 16 fighter aircraft. Greece was one of the strongest candidates but didn't take place in seven country list.

In June this year, Bulgaria approved a military modernization program worth 3.5 billion Levas. The portion of this budget of 1.8 billion Leva is divided for 16 fighter aircraft procurement. Aircrafts will be supplied in two steps, eight in each phase. The countries that are called in the document are Israel, USA, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy and Sweden. The proposals of Israel and Portugal is F-16 Fighting Falcon. USA may offer F-16 or F/A-18 Hornets. Sweden will offer JAS-39 Gripen. Italy Germany is expected to demand new production Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. It is also a possibility that Bulgaria is requesting Rafale aircrafts from France.

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