TCG Anadolu To Be Delivered in 2021
March 25, 2018
Ukraine to Buy 55 Airbus Helicopters
March 27, 2018
Block III Upgrade to USN Super Hornets

The US Navy's Super Hornet fleet will undergo a modernization program to gradually upgrade the aircraft to a new Block III standard. 

The new standard will see improvements to the plane’s electronics, radar cross-section and range. Under Block III upgrade, the aircraft will receive a low-observable coating to reduce its radar cross signature. Super Hornets will also be equipped with an advanced cockpit system with a large-area display for an improved user interface, a more powerful computer called the distributed targeting processor network, a bigger data pipe for passing information called Tactical Targeting Network Technology. The service life of the aircraft will be extended from 6,000 to 9,000 hours. Conformal Fuel Tanks will be added to the platforms which will extend the Hornet’s range by up to 120 nautical miles. 

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