BAE Systems Introduces New Multidimensional Operations Simulator
August 10, 2021
US Army’s New Armored Vehicle Order
August 11, 2021
Bell Company Introduces HSVTOL Conceptual Design

Bell company, one of the brands of Textron Inc, introduced conceptual design studies for high speed vertical take-off and landing technology (HSVTOL).

The new technology will be used in the design of aircraft that can travel at 740 km/h, are not really dependent on the landing-take-off runway, have a gross maximum weight of between 2 and 45+ tons, and can be used in manned/unmanned missions.

Bell Corporation develops Tiltrotor airplanes and helicopters with vertical take-off and landing systems for the marines, air force and military.

Thanks to the developments in digital flight control systems and emerging propulsion technologies, the company plans to integrate the newly developed HSVTOL technology into the next generation warplanes.

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