Continent Preferred Spike LR2
May 21, 2018
Maiden Flight of First Turkish F-35
May 23, 2018
Barys 6 Unveiled Before KADEX

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) introduce Barys 6 vehicle before the opening of the KADEX Fair on 23th May. The new vehicle is a winterised version of the South African Paramount Group's Mbombe 6, adapted to the harsh winter conditions. The Barys 6 was equipped with a 30 millimeter 2A42 30 cannon removed from the BTR-82A.

The KPE company will also exhibit the remote controlled weapon station called Sarbaz at KADEX. Developed with the partnership of Aselsan, the system is equipped with a gyro-stabilized 30 millimeter gun and 7.62 millimeter coaxial machine gun. It is reported that the main weapon is capable of elevation from -10 to +60 degrees.

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