Boom Operator in KC-46 Cockpit
November 7, 2022
Coskunoz Defense and Aviation Group Displayed Its Capabilities at SAHA EXPO
November 7, 2022
Award Ceremony at ASPILSAN 7th Battery Technologies Workshop!

The award ceremony of the “Produce Your Own Energy” project idea competition, organized in cooperation with ASPILSAN Energy and Central Anatolian Development Agency, took place at the 7th Battery Technologies Workshop. Among the 56 projects produced within the scope of the competition, the top three teams were presented with their awards.

With the project idea competition carried out in cooperation with ASPILSAN Energy and Central Anatolia Development Agency, it was aimed to bring high technology products to the defense industry and energy equipment production of the region and to employ qualified employment. Among the technology-based project ideas evaluated in this context, the top three teams received the financial support offered to them to develop their projects. In addition, support was provided to the needy project groups within the scope of laboratory, testing, workshop, and mentoring services at ASPILSAN Energy facilities.

The “Smart Energy Management System” project was the winner of the “Produce Your Own Energy” Competition, the “Mobile Hybrid Renewable Energy System” was the second, and the “Infrared Solar Cells” project was the third. 

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