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April 28, 2020
April 30, 2020
Ateş Eye for Greece-Bulgaria Border

The Turkish defence industry continues its activities with firm steps, despite the COVID-19, which makes its impact felt in Turkey as well as all over the world.

The land vehicles phase of the EU funded project, which started against irregular migration and increasing security at the Turkish western border has been completed. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the last batch of Katmerciler Ateş Armoured Border Security System, was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Delivery includes 10 vehicles. Thus, the number of fires serving on the Greek and Bulgarian border rose to 57. Within the scope of the first batch, 20 platforms were delivered to the end-user in April 2019, and 27 vehicles within the second package on December 2019.

Ateş, which is developed on the base vehicle of the Katmerciler Hızır 4×4 platform, has ASELSAN-produced NACAR Radar, Şahingözü-OD Electro-optic Sensor system, 9661 V/UHF Radio System and Yankı (Seda) Gunshot Detection System. With the SECANS Security Management Software designed and developed by ASELSAN, the vehicle, where integrated equipment is operated and controlled, can conduct reconnaissance and observation tasks from 40 kilometres distance day or night, regardless of weather conditions. The combat weight of Ateş, which is powered by a 400 hp turbocharged diesel engine, is 16,000. The platform, which can reach 700 km of operation range, has run-flat tires. Ateş, who emphasizes the safety of the personnel, thanks to the V-type hull structure, blast absorbing seats and the 5-point seat belts. The vehicle has a crew of six, including the driver, commander and four personnel. The platform, which operates in CBRN environments, also has a GPS navigation system.

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