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December 16, 2022
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December 16, 2022
Asisguard General Manager Was a Guest on the Radio Program

Asisguard General Manager Mustafa Barış Düzgün was the guest of the “İcat Çıkarma” program, which was broadcast jointly on the Voice of Turkey Radio and TRT Radio 1, in which the defense industry and technological developments were discussed.

Düzgün, while addressing the defence industry from different perspectives, answered questions about the defence industry.

While talking about the scope of the defence industry, he said that the defence industry is not only about border protection, and gave the example of the Ukraine-Russia war on the subject. Düzgün said: “When we look at the Ukraine-Russia war, the defence industry is not only a border defence, but also a defence of food security. For example, a grain crisis started in the world, so the concept and the number of people and as the years have changed, the only thing you are trying to defend is not a homeland, but food security, you see, health security and the industry that provides all the safety of people living as a whole, we actually call the defence industry.”

Düzgün, regarding the Asisguard company and what systems they are working on, said: “Our story started with an armed drone. We went to enrich this platform. Because if a flying platform cannot be enriched with both weapon payload and electro-optical payload, this platform will only fly. We took one drone and enriched it with different weapon loads, just like an F-16. In addition, we have attached cameras that provide night vision and day vision capability to this drone in order to be able to observe the surroundings while shooting or while navigating in the air.”

Noting that many systems come together in the defence industry to produce useful products, Düzgün said, “When we think about the concept of defence, different devices and tools are required when creating different doctrines. In defence doctrine, when many devices are used jointly, you can go towards a conclusion. You cannot win a war with a single device.”

Regarding the development of unmanned systems, he said: “We try to protect as many people as possible in defence technology. In any case, systems are always going towards unmanned, the industry is always going towards unmanned. That’s why we actually chose the drone to create defence technology with unmanned systems. The thing that will lead the defense industry is now going towards unmanned systems, and our country has no chance to stand by standing back from this.  But it is nice that our country is so pioneering that people come to look at our unmanned systems and wonder how far we are ahead.  For this, Turkish engineers have made tremendous contributions.” 

“You have a serious strategy and cooperation with companies under the defence industry presidency. What is your latest status regarding these, how are your projects?” On the question, Düzgün replied: ”Common cultures need to be created so that companies of the defence industry ecosystem can work together.  If our needs can be met by other companies, we are working to establish partnerships with other large companies and become their stakeholders.”

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