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April 20, 2017
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April 24, 2017
ASELSAN’s ‘Smart Cockpit’ Solution for Turkish Indigenous Fighter

Within the scope of ongoing avionics programs, ASELSAN has designed and manufactured multiple size digital cockpit displays to improve pilots’ operation capability in all kinds of environments by providing precise and eloquent flight data, sensor videos, digital map and tactical symbologies. Display systems are designed to operate with indigenously developed mission computers. By this means, modern digital cockpits featuring Mission and Flight Management capabilities with sensor and weapon management have been developed. 

ASELSAN is proud to present “The New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution”, the latest designed Integrated Display System specifically developed for the new generation fighter aircraft. The new display system incorporates both mission computer and the display features in a single unit. As smart display, the system is capable of showing video and data from different sensors and merges with graphics on large area touchscreen display in different configurations to provide situational awareness in all phases of flight.

The “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution” provides ease to pilots with the ability to select mission pages such as primary flight display, cockpit management data and digital map through display or control panel. The system features an Operational Flight Program (OFP) that operates the mission functions and totally compliant to the platform requirements. Besides, the said OFP also controls the complete set of display and mission functions, data management and sub-systems those interface with the smart cockpit. The “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution” provides many advanced features such as three dimensional audio, synthetic vision and automatic voice recognition. 
In this manner, ASELSAN latest design “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution is targeted to be the most requested cockpit display system for advanced airborne platforms and also for the next generation fighter aircrafts including Turkish Indigenous Fighter Aircraft Program.

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