DAPA unveils first images of KF-X design with Meteor Missiles
July 1, 2018
ASELSAN publishes A bulletin
July 3, 2018
Army to Test IM-SHORAD

The US Army will supply from Leonardo DRS an IM-SHORAD (Interim Manuever-Short Range Air Defence System) to test the platform. In the statement made by company, it was announced that the system would be developed around Stryker vehicles which are in use in US Army. Leonardo DRS's mission package will also include the Stinger launch system with Raytheon vehicle launcher. Integration of the weapon platform into Stryker vehicles under the program will be realized by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS). Boeing also introduced a similar solution in August 2017.

IM-SHORAD has a on board Hellfire launcher, Stinger launcher, M230 30 millimeter chain gun and 7,62 millimeter coaxial machine gun. Rada production multi-functional hemispherical radar system which is capable of soft-kill capability to incoming threats alsa integrated. The first system will deliver to GDLS in February 2019 and GDLS will complete the integration of the system into the first Stryker A1 in April 2019.

Chief officer of the program Colonel Chuck Worshim, who was in charge of explaining the Land Forces' procurement program coverage, stated the force wanted to procure at least 144 units from these vehicles for the 2022 fiscal year, and that there were some problems for the process. Colonel, who explains Boeing's Avenger solution, also noted that the Boeing solution is also quite effective, it meets the requirements but requires some modifications to the Stryker vehicles, the integration of the Leonardo DRS solution is easier and the system more compact.

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